Detect Deceit

"How To Tell If Somebody Is Lying To You Within 60 Seconds - Without Even Listening To Them"

Simon Cruise

By the time you’ve read this page, you’re going to have the Total Knowledge to transform yourself into a human lie detector TODAY… You will get so good as spotting lies, you’ll be able to sniff them out like a police dog trained to sniff out drugs!

Dear friend,

Have you ever wanted to know the absolute 100% undeniable TRUTH about something somebody is saying to you, but had no way of knowing for SURE whether or not it is the truth?


Then read on...

There are thousands of reasons WHY you’d want to know the truth. And if you’re like me, you’d rather hear the truth in EVERY situation, however bad it might be.

As the saying goes,

“A liar is worse than a thief!”

If I told you, I could teach YOU how to spot ANY lie within 60 seconds with very little effort, easily, that worked on 99.8% of people - you’d want to know how right?

Well I’m going to tell you, very shortly…For now, keep reading.

Knowing the truth puts you in a position of power. Over yourself, and over those around you. If people are able to deceive you easily, it will undoubtedly lead you to be betrayed, mislead and conned.

By knowing the TRUTH in EVERY situation at ALL times, means that when somebody is trying to take you for a ride – you’ll know it and you’ll be able to act on it, with an informed mindset.

Imagine this…

You’ll NEVER be cheated on!
You’ll NEVER be conned!
You’ll NEVER be deceived again!


You'll NEVER even be "little white lied" to again. That's right. However big or small the lie is, you'll be able to spot it.

Did your friend really have a one-night stand with THEM? You'll know.

Was your partner really where they said they were last night? You'll know.

Is your friend trying to manipulate you into doing something? You'll know.

That puts you in an incredible position of power over your own life and destiny.

But before I tell you the simple step-by-step secrets of exposing any lie, let me introduce myself.

I’m Simon Cruise.

You may or may not have heard of me already. I’m a self-proclaimed expert of human lie detection. I’ve not got any psychology degrees or anything like that. I’m just a normal person, like you... However...

Let me tell you a short story about what happened to me, to see if you can spot the simple but powerful message in it... This story is the EXACT reason you and I have found each other and why we're talking right now....
When I was a little younger I was lied to by EVERYBODY close to me. In fact, my friends knew me as “the gullible one” because I had so much faith in people. I liked to believe what they were telling me. I liked to think the world was good and so were the majority of the people in it.

Boy, I ended up earning "the gullible one" nickname for good reason.

Within the space of 16 months. My girlfriend of 4 years cheated on me with my best friend and ravaged my heart in the process. That same best friend convinced me to give him ALL of my money I’d saved my whole life, to invest in a business which he assured me would make me a millionaire... AND THEN took MY money and headed off into the sunset with MY girlfriend (and she even took my beloved dog, Suzy!)… A combination of other lies from other sources all compounded and left me totally broke, totally lonely and totally single.

Through being TOO trusting, I’d lost EVERYTHING. And to be honest, at times I considered giving up.

Now, I know you’re probably not as stupid as I was. I know now looking back, most people would have probably seen it all coming a mile away – but hey, they didn’t call me “the gullible one” for nothing.

Facing a lifetime low, I had plenty of time to think.

And I came to the conclusion that the REASON for my disastrous misfortune was all because I had been lied to.

They started out as small lies. Lies that I missed and took for truths. And they escalated. And escalated. Until the lies became big lies, again which I took for truths...

I learned two things from my experiences that I'm going to share with you now, and if you learn nothing else from this page, at least learn this:

  • Don’t presume everybody is telling the truth, even if they have no reason to lie

And...You NEED to know how to spot lies. It is an ESSENTIAL life skill.

I’m happy to say now I’m definitely NOT Mr Gullible. In fact I pride myself on being one of the sharpest guys alive today (hey, I’m modest!)

You see, I spent the next 2 years of my life studying every book about body language and lie detection I could get my hands on. In the process I learned all kinds of funky techniques, like how to get out of speeding fines 50% of the time simply by adjusting your body language and speech patterns… Cool stuff! But hey, that’s a story for another time...

I devoured EVERYTHING on the subject. The good, the bad, and the just plain S***!

After a while, I had consumed so much material on the subject it was like being in the Matrix. I could see lies coming. I even got to the point whereby I was picking up on minute color changes in the skin of the face and I knew a lie was to follow EVEN BEFORE they said a SINGLE WORD.

Again, I don’t say this to brag, but I got good. REAL GOOD!


Sometimes not knowing the truth can make your life easier, and the ignorance really can be blissful. You should NOT read ANY further if you would like to continue in this blissful ignorance.

Your fellow humans are happy to continue to lie to you without you exposing them. This website is the “Pill of Truth” but the truth can sometimes be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. You’ve been warned.

(However hurtful it may turn out to be.)

Since becoming an expert human lie detector and advanced body language expert, I have discovered that people lie a LOT of the time, casual acquaintances lying up to 20% of the time!

That means for every 4 truths in everyday conversation, there is an element of a lie coming next!

Crazy statistics!

People often lie when they really don’t have to. But it’s good fun when you can finally spot them lying and you know those people who are full of crap and those who aren’t.

I haven’t counted the amount of pages I read on the subject of body language and lying or the amount of money I spent on books and course materials but I guesstimate it would be in the tens of thousands of pages and DEFINITELY over a thousand bucks. When I look back through my massive book collection it makes me realize how much CRAP I had to wade through to get to the good stuff. The meat and potatoes.

Detect Deceit Book Pile
Approximately HALF of all of the books I've read on the subject. Not including countless Audio courses, videos and website memberships I've paid for and worked through over the years.

Detect Deceit book spread
A few more body language, lie detection, and Psychology books I've read (sorry about the poor attempt at displaying them spread out and the poor photography - I used my camera phone :) ).

And that got me to where I am today…In a position to make a positive change and offer you a life skill that you WILL use for the rest of your life.

Spotting a lie never gets outdated. Humans will be lying for the rest of your life and way beyond and having the ability to spot a lie will serve you for the rest of your life and your childrens lives when you pass on the skill.

From the little things like spotting a bluff in Poker while playing with potatoe chips with the family, to deciding on massive purchasing decisions, like buying a used car - whether the guy selling you the car is genuine or if he knows the car's a lemon!

You'll always know, whatever the situation.

And here's where I Introduce my brand new Ebook…

Detect Deceit: Reveal the Truth By Exposing The Lie

Learn step-by-simple step how to spot lies using all of the most advanced techniques I know, which are easy to learn, remember and will expose the lies of the VAST majority of liars. In fact, I think that when mastered, my techniques are better than ANY lie detector machine. EVEN if the subject has been trained to lie, you’ll almost certainly be able to spot them with my advanced techniques (due to combination exposure theory), – it’s THAT powerful!

Over 120 pages of instantly accessible, downloadable and printable Ebook (if you’ve not heard of Ebooks before, don’t worry, they are really easy to use and convenient and I’ll take you step-by-step through how to use it – if you’re reading this page on your computer, you can use an Ebook).

In my Ebook you’ll discover (amongst other things):

tick How to spot every lie, even when the liar is trying their best to cover it up

tick Never be bluffed in Poker again once you master these techniques

tick Know instantly if your partner is cheating on you with ONE simple but indirect little question disguised as normal conversation

tick Spot lies in every important situation:

- Somebody has stolen from you and they are denying it
- If you’re conducting a job interview
- Your so called friend has started rumors about you behind your back, but is denying it came from them
- There are countless situations where you might need to know the truth, but you are being deceived. Be deceived NO more.

tick "Do you like my haircut?” Ever asked or been asked that question? Know if the opinion giver is telling the truth or not – never be “little white lied” to again.

tick This book can even make you a BETTER liar. I don’t want anybody to use it for that because that is not the intention for it but the fact remains – if you study the ways to spot a liar, you COULD become a MUCH better liar yourself.

tick However good somebody gets at lying, using my exclusive multi-dimensional techniques (and others) you’ll be able to expose the lies of even seasoned veteran liars.

tick Why people would rather lie to your face than through Email.

tick Why most lies are told over the telephone (37% according to J. Hancock of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.) and how to spot them just as easily as any other lie.

tick Spot celebrities, protestors and politicians lying throughout history on television and laugh when you can distinctively pick out their lying clues that were later PROVED to be lies

tick Once you have discovered and mastered the simple secrets of body language, you’ll know when people are angry at you, know when they are sad, know when they are faking happiness and lots more.

tick NEVER be lied to again and always remain in control over whether you “out” the liar or not.

tick Know when people are REALLY attracted to you and when they aren’t.

tick Know when people are in uncomfortable situations and how to either increase the intensity of their discomfort or ease them.

tick Remain in total 100% control of every social and business situation when you are able to “know the mind” of the other person.

tick Know the importance of non-verbal communication – body language – and how to take total control over yours.

tick Know what people are thinking and how they are feeling without even asking them by using their body language to read their minds.

tick Know the importance of body language and how to use it so that more people will LIKE you instantly. First impressions count and with the right body language you’ll create instant rapport with anybody.

tick Create a mystique of wisdom, intelligence and astute perception so that you will be more interesting to other people and you will develop an atmosphere of trust that surrounds you.

tick Become more convincing and assertive when other people realize they have to be straight with you because they know they can’t pull the wool over your eyes.

tick Read people and their thoughts practically in an instant. You’ll become so good it’ll be like you have a sixth sense and you always KNOW what’s REALLY going on in every situation.

tick Find out why MOST lies are because people want to appear to be likeable and confident or want to avoid confrontation – how to disable these liars.

tick You’ll know whether the receiver really did like the gift you gave them for their birthday (although this one can be uncomfortable).

tick Lies are like a house of cards, one little lie can destroy relationships, destroy marriages and put limits on your future. Learn these techniques and you’ll never be exposed to the dangers of lies again.

tick Know whether your boss is thinking about giving you the pay rise or if they are just fobbing you off.

tick Make magical spectacles with your friends where you ask them to lie to you and EVERY time you spot their lie without fail – a great party trick.

tick Be in control of EVERY situation by almost reading the MINDS of other people so easily it’s like reading words printed on their foreheads. You’ll NEVER be left wondering “what happened” again and you’ll learn to take control of your life and your destiny and have much more successful social interactions on all levels.

And so much more I don’t have space to list here!


tick You get a Full 8-Week no questions asked money back guarantee

tick One time only small charge, you’ll never be charged again

tick Fully secure third-party payment processing by Clickbank

tick Instantly downloadable Ebook so you can be learning today

tick Fully printable so you can make a hard copy to read at your leisure

tick Over 120 pages of detailed no fluff content to transform you into a human lie detector

Are you finally going to set yourself a lifetime of freedom from the destructive nature of lies and deception?

Knowing that you’ll NEVER be lied to again. That you’ll ALWAYS know WHO to trust and WHEN.

Your relationships will improve. Your friendships will improve. Your business and work life will improve… In fact, EVERY aspect of YOUR life will improve when you’re able to know what is really being said, behind the words.

Your work colleagues will think you’re a mind reader when you’re able to tell them what’s really going on in the head of your boss.

You’ll have an advantage because there will be no more second guessing what the other person thinks – you’ll know.

You’ll become happier, more confident and more in control of your life the moment you discover the psychological secrets and body language of exposing liars in the act.

Are you going to look back in 6 months time and think…

I WISH I had learned to expose lies, and then this wouldn’t have happened…


I’m GLAD I did…

This product is new. It’s been years in the making and is finally released. I WANT you to know the truth in every area of your life.

I want you to be able to watch politicians and celebrities on TV and laugh like I do at their obvious lies – live on TV as they tell them. I WANT you to be able to know the truth and experience the amazing feeling of freedom and wisdom that it brings to every aspect of your life.

That’s why I’m going to make you an offer today that should make you happy...

I have every intention of charging $200 for this Ebook (not to you though, keep reading). I’m not kidding. After all, I’ve spent thousands of dollars and endless hours on research materials and years on writing and perfecting these techniques – removing the crap, and the fluff and filler of all of those other old out-of-date books on the subject. I've even mastered and developed my own unique techniques for spotting lies that can't be found anywhere else unless they copied my book or read my mind.

Why shouldn’t I charge that much?

I know the EXPERTS will pay that price. In fact, I know they’ll think it’s

Because it’s not the usual softly softly stuff. It’s advanced techniques. I fully expect law enforcement officials, judges, lawyers and other people that depend on the truth to be HUNTING me down and devouring my book to make them better at their jobs.

But you see, I didn’t write it for them.

I know I could make more money selling it to them but this really isn’t ALL about the money for me. Yeah, I’d like to make some money in the process – hey, we all need money, but I’m not looking to get rich.

I’m looking to help the average person in the street like YOU.

Like me.

The person that just needs a little help, like I did.

YOU can avoid my agonizing situation of the past and take full control over your future.

So I’m not going to charge you $200. Don’t worry. Although it’s worth every penny, I can’t expect the average guy or girl to pay that. (NOTE: contact me if you're from a professional organization looking to learn these techniques, I have special volume purchase agreements for you for multi-user copies)

As an INTRODUCTORY offer just for normal people like you

1000 copies available at introductory price
567 copies left
18 copies left

3 copies left at this one-time introductory price

Order today for just $39.97

And I give you my Book at this price on the understanding that you will consider writing me a small testimonial when you've had chance to try out the techniques and make them work for you. Nothing big, nothing lengthy. I'd just appreciate if at some time in the next few months you could tell me how my book has improved your life, so I can add some testimonials onto my site for when I start charging my full intended price to other people.

At some point I am going to have to raise my prices a little but I’d like to sell my first 1000 copies first at this introductory price to get sales fired up and start getting personal recommendations rolling in (word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising after all).

Also, you get my FULL NO QUESTIONS ASKED, NO FUNNY BUSINESS Guarantee. If you don’t agree that you’ve learned enough in my book to spot most lies a mile away, then I want you to have your money back. Just Email me for a full, prompt and courteous refund.

Here is my guarantee in writing...

Refund policy

Your purchase is 100% fully safe and secure and your card will be charged discreetly by “”. Your privacy is important to me. I will never send you any Emails unless you specifically request them from me and nothing will ever be posted to your house.

The Ebook is instantly downloadable after you’ve made your purchase through my secure transaction page at Clickbank and remember you always have my risk free:-

100% 8-Weeks Money Back Guarantee

Change your life today by never being lied to again…

Download the Detect Deceit Ebook now by Clicking here


Simon Cruise


Simon Cruise
Master of Body Language And Human Lie Detection


P.s. Becoming a MASTER at mind reading using BODY LANGUAGE and DECEPTION DETECTION is easy with my 120 page instantly downloadable Ebook... but be quick, my introductory offer IS set to end when I've sold my first 1000 copies. I cannot keep the low price forever as the powerful techniques contained within the Ebook are worth many times the cover price! Note: My Ebook is only available from this website, you cannot get these techniques anywhere else.

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